Wheel Spacer Safety for Truck Owners

Hello off-road truck owners!

Today we’re weighing in on the controversial topic of wheel spacers, a hotly-contested issue among truck modders and aftermarket enthusiasts. There’s a lot of debate around whether wheel spacers are safe to install on your truck, and we think this article written by Adam Mann for Low Offset does a good job at summarizing the argument:

Low Offset - Wheel Spacers: Safe for Daily Driving, Racing or Truck Use?

Wheel spacers are used to widen a vehicle's stance by adjusting the offset of the wheels, and are added for aesthetics or to allow the fitment of different wheel sizes. There are definite positives and negatives to installing wheel spacers on your car or truck, and if you’re looking for a wider stance they’re worth considering. However, the quality and manufacturing style of the wheel spacers you install can make a big difference in the long-term safety and reliability of the spacers. In this article, Adam explains how wheel spacers work, and describes in detail the types of wheel spacers that are made.

The article and TORCH Off Road both recommend the hub-centric spacer design as opposed to the lug-centric configuration. Hub-centric spacers are safer and less prone to failure because of their shape that distributes torque to the hub, instead of the lugs. Although lug-centric spacers are often more affordable due to their simpler design, we recommend the hub-centric configuration for suspension safety. A great amount of force is applied to the spacers when they’re installed on your vehicle. For lug-centric spacers most of this force becomes concentrated on the lugs, making the bolts more vulnerable to breakage over time. For TORCH fans driving lifted trucks, the hub-centric design is even more crucial due to the extra weight of a truck compared to a car.

Wheel spacers widen the track of the vehicle, which can make cornering feel more stable. However, wheel spacers can cause increased wear on your suspension, particularly the hubs. Wheel spacers introduce another point of failure on your suspension, so make sure they fit your wheels correctly and are installed properly. There are pros and cons to wheel spacers, but as long as they are hub-centric spacers made from durable materials by a reputable manufacturer, they are safe for your truck.

When combined with one of our TORCH lift kits, wheel spacers can give your truck a uniquely custom look and powerful stance. A wheel spacer and lift kit combination is also a great way to fit a larger set of wheels and tires than you could run with a factory setup. So long as you choose a durable set of spacers, they’re a useful option for customizing your off-road rig or daily driver. Check out the article! -TORCH

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