Rough Country

Portable Twin Motor Air Compressor w/Carry Case | 12 Volt | 150PSI | 6.16 CFM



For any off-roader or Overlander, having a reliable air compressor is essential. Introducing Rough Country's 12V Twin Motor Air Compressor with Overland Case – your go-to solution for hassle-free inflation during any outdoor adventure. This portable powerhouse is packed with user-friendly features for trouble-free inflation of any kind.

Powerful and Compact: Compact 12V twin motor design makes this the most efficient and high-flowing portable compressor of its size on the market at 6.16CFM. Enough power and flow to inflate a 35" tire from 0-40 psi in 2-3 minutes!

Quick Hassle-Free Inflation: Featuring a quick connect coupling makes filling up tires or inflatable gear a walk in the park. No more wrestling with complicated setups!

High-Pressure Power: A 150 PSI air tank that has the muscle to handle all your inflation jobs, from tires, rafts, or even air tools.

Precise Control: Included air chuck with 0-220lb built-in pressure gauge with thumb trigger and bleed-off valve allows maximum accuracy when airing up.

Rugged Waterproof Carry Case: Keep everything safe and dry in the waterproof lockable hard case equipped with an equalizer valve. It even has a storage compartment to keep your accessories organized and ready to roll.

High-Performance Motor: Ducted IP55 sealed brushed DC cooling fan and anodized aluminum motor mounts keep this unit running cool and continuous with a 100% duty cycle.

Make your outdoor experiences hassle-free with Rough Country's Twin Motor Air Compressor and Overland Case. This reliable and compact compressor ensures effortless inflation and deflation, giving you the freedom to focus on your adventures, not your equipment.

  • Dual Motor Compressor
  • Rugged Lockable Waterproof Carry Case
  • 20' Air Hose
  • Integrated Air Tank
  • Air Chuck With Built In Pressure Gauge


  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • 3-Year Warranty.

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