How to Buy the Right Kit to Level Your Truck

This maybe a no brainer to many people however you can't imagine how many times I get this question! So here's a write up and visuals to help those in need.

In order to measure your truck, this is the equipment I would recommend:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pen and Paper
  • Calculator (if necessary)

Here are the steps to finding out what kit you need in order to level out your truck.

  1. Using the tape measure, start from the center of your front wheel and measure to the very top of the fender well as pictured in red
  2. Write down the measurement
  3. For the rear wheel, measure from the center of your wheel to the top of the fender as pictured in red
  4. Write down the measurement
  5. Subtract the second measurement that you wrote down from the first measurement

The number that you have after subtracting is the kit height you need in order to level out your truck. If you're buying the front kit only, just purchase that height (we recommend rounding down if you're in between heights). If you're buying a full kit, you will have to do some more math to find out what you need.

For example, if the rear minus the front was 2", then you need a 2" front kit to have your truck sit level. However, if you're looking to buy a front and rear kit, then you will need to purchase the kit with the same difference to keep your truck level. So if you buy a 3" front, 1" rear kit, it will take care of the 2" you need for leveling out your truck (3" - 1" = 2").

Some of this will be obvious to, but we just wanted to put it out there for anyone who may not know. As always, if you need any help, just call us after you get your measurements written down.

PRO TIP: Measure both sides! Sometimes each side will sit a little differently, so it's always good to measure both sides to figure out which kit is right for you. We recommend going for the smaller lift height to level your truck in case there is a major difference.

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